Adidas Running Campaign

adidas running campaign

The objective of the adidas Running campaign was to spark enthusiastic participation among women and showcase how our community enriches personal running journeys, while also seeking to captivate and engage the younger generation through interactions with the Adidas Runners app.

The approach centered around uncovering the advantages, with the slogan “Running needs nothing but you ” – yet a community sounds fun! The call to action revolved around commemorating the perks of being an Adidas Runner member. Embracing the idea that it doesn’t matter if you run everyday or once a week, this community is for everyone.

The artistic direction aimed to shift the narrative from reasons to avoid running to reasons why we run together, empowering women to reclaim control. This was manifested in the visual design through fun, affirmative expressions and impactful stickers, akin to a positive protest. The end result is a series of empowering posters that each Adidas store can customize based on their clientele and priorities.

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