LLW brand specializes in crafting entirely handmade jewellery, prioritizing sustainability while focusing on creating affordable, custom-made pieces in limited collections. By repurposing pre-worn materials to generate fresh designs, they fully embrace and embody sustainability principles. 

The brand’s design philosophy revolves around its distinctive one-of-a-kind creations, characterized by fluid shapes and distinctive textures. This design approach extends to crafting a visual identity that effectively conveys the same underlying message. 


The brand logo elegantly incorporates the initials “LLW,” while the jewellery line features an organic-looking typeface that resonates with the natural essence of the products. The logo exhibits adaptability, offering four distinct variations to suit diverse applications. The remaining elements of the branding and packaging adhere strictly to sustainable practices, ensuring transparency regarding their environmental impact. Employing solely recycled boxes and vegan ink exemplifies the brand’s commitment to eco-friendliness. Integral to the brand’s identity is its dedication to educating customers about the intricate process of jewellery production, spotlighting the effort invested in achieving the final results.

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