A former prodigy of the snooker world, now fallen from grace, gets a final shot at resurrecting his career. Struggling against addiction and haunted by his past, is there more hanging in the balance than just his score? Starring Paul Kaye & Clive Russell, this short film has received partial funding from BFI NETWORK / Film London and the backing of the Mental Health Foundation. The film has been completed and is scheduled for a festival circuit in 2020. 


In terms of design, the primary emphasis was placed on discovering a suitable typeface that could effectively convey the sports theme with a blend of vintage and contemporary styles, aligning with the film’s visual approach. To represent the Petrichor title, we opted for Ayer Poster Blackletter Black Italic, which infuses a modern essence with a touch of traditional craftsmanship. As a complementary font, Gothia Serif was chosen for the credits, seamlessly complementing the Ayer Poster Blackletter Black Italic. For the poster, the decision was made to utilize the hero image in a vertical orientation, showcasing the film’s exploration of diverse perspectives.

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