Hyper Production Score

Hyper Production score

Projected figures indicate that by 2067, per capita dairy consumption is poised to surge from 87 kilograms to 119 kilograms per individual. The dairy industry finds itself confronted with the challenge of meeting escalating output demands through the most efficient means available. 

Within the scope of this project, I delve into the realm of hyper surveillance within dairy farming. Employing cutting-edge technologies, livestock are subjected to continuous monitoring and tracking, with the ultimate objective of maximizing production. This spans a range of techniques, from facial recognition to the meticulous observation of their chewing patterns and the assessment of their physical conditions. This heightened scrutiny is motivated by the imperative to optimize output. 

Compounded by the unsustainable agricultural policies of the EU, which foster an environment conducive to excessive milk production, a scenario arises where surplus milk, commonly referred to as “milk lakes,” becomes a significant concern. This phenomenon, coupled with burgeoning demand from exporting nations, underscores the intricate dynamics at play within the dairy industry.

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