Adidas X Crazyfast

Adidas X Crazyfast

The task assigned for Adidas X Crazyfast was to formulate a retail activation concept for the debut of the new X Crazyfast football boot within their flagship store located in London. 

The central objective was to immerse the consumer within a realm of unexpected speed, viewed from various perspectives. The central area of the concept aimed to capture attention through the utilization of striking graphic applications, structures reminiscent of stadiums, and novel displays of the product. The visibility extended seamlessly into the gaming experience, aided by a coherent graphic language and vibrant neon lights.

The graphic banners drew inspiration from stadium advertisements, employing bold graphics in conjunction with a dynamically swift typographical treatment. We crafted a compelling gaming experience integrated into the existing ALU system, with each station encompassed by a distinct and eye-catching graphic identity that emulates the atmosphere of a stadium environment.

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